Secret Enchantress

Paranormal Romance, 93,000 Words

World-renowned biological researcher and University of Orlando professor James Blackburn rules his world in his powerful grip, leading scientists to new discoveries that define the very laws of science. Never has he failed to solve a scientific conundrum, and yet when a windstorm shatters a laboratory on a perfect spring day, even he can't explain it. The scientist he is, he can't leave a question unexplained.

​ He will discover the culprit.

With the power to defy physics' powerful laws, Kyla Conley leads a double life. To the world she is Dr. Kyla Conley, junior professor at the University of Ft. Lauderdale, but to her people, she is the most powerful enchantress of all time. She controls molecules, creates matter with a simple thought, and yet she cannot erase the antics of a foolish enchanter who annihilated a lab and caught a very powerful scientist's fascinated attention. At all costs, she must protect her people's secre​t, safeguard their lives and defend their world. To do that she must convince one professor that the supernatural does not exist.

​ Only what happens when he comes too close to her… and the truth?

Captive Dreams

Paranormal Romance, 93,000 Words

The realm: Xavia, a land of two races.

The Syndarians: They arrived long ago, yet on Xavia live only as slaves under the powerful natives. Fiercely intelligent with mysterious powers, their lives are shrouded in secrecy.

The Civilized: With powerful bonds, they control the Syndarians’ every movement. They give little and take much.

Never had Celeste imagined the day she would step into a Syndarian Dealer. As one of the few Civilized against the slavery of the alien race, she despises watching the savagery her kinsmen have inflicted upon innocent people. Believing the Syndarians to be little more than animals, the Civilized cruelly control them with Bonds, virtual chains that allow one to command movement with the press of a button. Her people are wrong, and she’s going to prove it.

Hunter despairs the strange Civilized woman who dares to challenge him. Unbeknownst to his cruel captors, he is leader of the Syndarian people. Before exposing their secrets, he must rid them of the Bonds that bind their bodies. Right now the Civilized female holds more power than she can ever imagine. He just knows this:

If she chooses him, Bonds or no, she will not have the power for long.

Secret Identities

Contemporary Romance, 51,000 Words

Her: She’s sassy, intelligent and strong, and she’s had enough of arrogant men trying to run and ruin her life. Problem is, she needs a man – and quick – to be the non-existent fiancé she’s been bragging about to the family. Enter Drake Alexander, hired with the best of credentials from a top-notch acting association. Only he’s not exactly what she’s ordered…

Him: He’s arrogant and aggressive, and he doesn’t need any more sassy strong-willed women running after his millions. Problem is, he’s stuck in the storm of the century in some hole-in-the- wall town. Banging on the door of a local, the last thing he expects to be greeted by is a beautiful woman ranting about how he’s the preposterously late actor she’s been expecting. Strange indeed, but even more astonishing is the fact that he does not tell her otherwise…


Paranormal Romance, 93,000 Words

For so long she searched. Through dark bitter nights and cold endless winter, Zara’s world has been based on one purpose, and on one purpose alone: the quest for her missing son. It is a journey that will take her to another world, to a parallel dimension far from her own, where her only chance of finding her son lies. Only what awaits Zara in this enchanted land is not at all what she expects, nor what she could ever have imagined.

​A man has adopted her son, given him a home when Zara could not. A man who is handsome and powerful, brave and determined, and who fiercely protects himself and his family. A man who is by no means a commoner of this fantastic world. He is the King.

In secrecy, Zara infiltrates the king’s universe, determined to retrieve her son and return back to her own world. Only the dashing and commanding man has different ideas. Especially when…

He discovers Zara’s true identity.

A Time of Secrets

Paranormal Romance, 57,000 Words

Transported to a enchanted world, Lorelai longs to return home. Only the king mistakes her for his intended bride and whisks her off to his castle. Will he let her go or capture her heart?

Candidate of the Heart

Contemporary Romance, 71,000 Words

When Candace decides to run for mayor of her small town, she never expects a powerful businessman to get in her way. How will she resist when he sets his sights on her heart?

Her Little Secret

Contemporary Romance, 57,500 Words

What if you had to go up to a man and tell him he was a father - not of an unborn life, not of a swaddled infant, but of a child of four?

Sound difficult? Then how about this:
What if you had to tell it all to a man you’ve never met?

​Four years ago, Laura conceived her child through artificial insemination. On a search for medical records, she finds the birth father. Only he was never supposed to be a donor. What will he do when he discovers the truth?